From the outside my life was great. I had a wonderful job as the safety lead in the warehouse I was working. I was in a position of leadership. People trusted me. But my life was a mess.

Almost everyday I’d go home a use drugs. I knew they drug tested at work, but I could get around all the drug testing and oversight. I knew as long as I didn't get in an accident, then there was no drug tests for Mike.

I was “above the law” at least at work. Then, my home and friends fell off the rails. I was staying with some friends who got arrested and then they stopped paying rent. My housing was gone. Since I didn’t have a place to live, I lost my job and I needed a place to stay.

So without a house I went to Victory Mission’s Restoration program. I didn't know God before Victory Mission. I was scared of my choices, but I didn’t know what to do next. I mean, I've seen people die from accidents on the job. I knew things had to change.

Looking back now, I know God ordered my steps to be here. I'm applying for jobs and I’m in an internship with Victory Mission. I'm a member of a local church. I'm learning how much God loves me.

I'm learning how much God loves me.


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