Are you ready for wholistic life change?

The Restoration Program is a 12-18 month faith-based residential rehabilitation program designed to transform lives through a wholistic approach of developing five key areas of life: spiritual, personal, relational, vocational, and financial.

Discover a relationship with Jesus.

Restore what’s been broken.

Experience an abundant life.

Are you ready to get well?

SPIRITUAL. Develop a personal relationship with Jesus and find community within a local church.

RELATIONAL. Reconcile and rebuild relationships with parents, spouses, children, siblings, and close friends.

PERSONAL. Set goals, address outstanding legal issues, retrieve personal documents, practice health and hygiene, and attend classes.

VOCATIONAL. Discover tools to overcome vocational roadblocks, develop a long-term vocational plan, and find meaningful employment.

FINANCIAL. Develop a budget, create a savings plan, open a bank account, improve your credit score, and experience financial freedom.

Program Summary
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I’ve tried to get myself sober and it never worked. Victory was the first and only option for me. They gave me hope.

– Jacob, 2020 Men’s Restoration Graduate

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I realized I could have relationships with people without pushing them away out of fear… I feel so free.

– Jennie, Phase Three Women’s Restoration

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Instead of always looking for a reason to be the victim, I am victorious.

– Bobby, 2020 Men’s Restoration Graduate

Are you ready to break cycles that lead to heartbreak and start seeing victory in your life?

Get in touch with our team to find out if the Restoration Program might be a good fit for you. | 417-864-2200

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