Using a variety of workshops, the Lifted program provides an opportunity for individuals who are “stuck” in their circumstances to be encouraged to begin making small steps to living a more abundant life. Following workshops, Lifted participants gather for a family-style meal with volunteers and Victory staff.

meal outreach

Victory’s Meal Outreach program distributes food to those facing homelessness Monday through Friday. Victory’s outreach team gathers and passes out “to-go” meals in partnership with Veteran’s Coming Home here in Springfield, Missouri.

food pantry

Through the Mobile Food Pantry, Victory travels to neighborhoods in the Springfield area to meet the immediate needs of families facing food insecurity. Families who utilize this service have an opportunity to connect with case managers. Victory Mission provides support and resources that instill hope for a way out of the situations driving the crisis.

men’s restoration

Men’s Restoration at Victory encourages lifelong transformation for all. The Restoration Program is a 12-18 month residential rehabilitation program designed to transform men’s lives through a holistic approach in five areas: spiritual, personal, relational, vocational, and financial.


Victory’s First30 program is an emergency shelter that allows men to stay for up to 30 days every six months. During their stay, a case manager meets with them. Men are encouraged to pursue employment and to become involved with a local church. All participants are required to help “around the house” and attend classes.

victory lodge

Victory Lodge provides an affordable housing alternative to pay-by-the-week hotels and substandard housing as men transition into a state of independence. Nightly rates are between $12 and $16 dollars.

victory women

Victory Women seeks to partner with women on their journey toward positive life changes by pursuing a better understanding of self, healing from past trauma, healthy relationships with others, and increased stability and sufficiency. Victory Mission uses a case management model focused on coaching, relationships building, skill strengthening, and connecting with community resources.


SingleMomzRock provides encouragement to a network of women through outreach events and occasional special events. Victory partners with programs and organizations in Southwest Missouri help to raise awareness about the local resources available to single mothers, and encourage them by sharing the love of Christ.

case management

Victory offers Case Management services for men and women to help connect them to resources that can help change the trajectory of their lives and give them hope for lifelong sustainability. Individuals are equipped to be successful as Victory builds relationships and shares the love of God.

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