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Christmas Brings Joy to Every Heart

After being abandoned by her mother and abused by her father, Alicia became a ward of the state. At 18, she joined the Air Force until she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and was discharged. Alicia then met a man she thought would bring happiness to her life and the couple had a daughter. Her heart was broken when he became abusive. She spent every penny and ounce of energy she had fighting for custody of her little girl.

She recently moved to Springfield to be closer to her doctor. Living on food stamps and disability benifits, she sews to make ends meet - but sometimes it's impossible. Not long ago, wondering if her life would ever be more than a litany of struggle and despair, she came to Victory Mission for food to feed her hungry little girl.

On that holy night so long ago, when the angel proclaimed, "I bring you good tidings of great joy...unto you a child is born," he wasn't referring only to people who never face challenges or have regrets. The gift of God's Son can bring joy to every heart - and the Christmas season gives us special opportunities to help guests like Alicia experience His love and grace. Financial support from this generous community makes it possible.

  • Through our Adopt-a-Family Program, we'll make a Christmas celebration possible for as many as 100 struggling families. We'll provide presents to homeless residents of our Victory Square and - through The Sheriff's Kids Program - to the children of parents incarcerated in the Green County jail.
  • We'll distribute over 900 Christmas food baskets to needy neighbors and shut-ins and hold a special holiday luncheon for our community's senior citizens.
  • And anyone who is hungry or lonely is invited to join our residents, students and homeless guests for a Christmas Day brunch and dinner with a touching chapel service.

Christmas joy is for everyone, every day of the year. Please give online below to help us ignite the joy of Christ's birth in hurting and broken lives. Merry Christmas and God bless you.

I'll help bring Christmas joy to the needy and homeless.


In addition, I'd like to learn other ways to help.





Find out more about the ministry of Springfield Victory Mission.
Find out more about the
Association of Gospel Rescue Missions and the work that rescue missions do.

December 18th
Senior Lunch
Senior's 55 and older are welcome to join us for a special Christmas lunch!
Cook's Kettle - 200 W Commercial St. - 11:15am
December 19th and 20th
Pack and Distribute the Christmas Baskets

On the 19th we will be packing over 800 Christmas baskets. We will meet at the warehouse at 8:30am and hope to be done by noon.

On the 20th we will deliver the baskets to the Springfield community. We will meet at the warehouse at 8am. Would you consider joining us in delivering these baskets?

Warehouse - 700 W Chase Street
December 24th and 25th
Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Day Brunch
On December 24th we will celebrate Christmas with our Christmas Eve Dinner at 6pm.
December 25th we will continue the celebration with our Christmas Day Brunch from 9am to 11am.
Would you consider serving at one of these meals?
Cook's Kettle - 200 W Commercial St.
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