Victory Stories

Dennis has been living in Victory Square since last October. He finished up 90 days in Transitions and is now staying in the Lodge. He moved from Hollister to get away from a stressful family situation that caused him to have a nervous breakdown. After spending his first week in Springfield living on the streets the freezing rain made him desperate to get into a warm place. He couldn’t afford to stay in a motel or rent a place because he hadn’t been working for the past 2 years and his savings were gone. He knew the Mission was in town, but didn’t know where it was. So he asked around and found the Victory Square. While at the Square, he’s taken advantage of the life skills and Bible classes offered. He hopes to find a full time maintenance or janitorial job.

“The Mission got me out of the cold and gave me a warm bed. But most important, the supportive environment and the interaction with the other residents, staff and volunteers were a major boost to my spirits … Without a place like this, a lot of people will be worse off or dead.”

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